Full Circle

Today is a rather special day: my blog is a year old. It’s been a wonderful year, full of changes, fun, friends, happiness and a whole bunch of excitement. Bring on year number 2! xx

PS Nothing new today, but here are a few of my favourites from the last year: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, AdieuTori RabbitEverybody Scream!Odd, In a Nice WaySpottedSpace Boots2 For 1: 21!Across The PondWhirlwind WeekA little bit country, a little bit rock and roll

Oh hey, Santa Cruz

I am so happy to be here after months of planning and preparing and I can’t wait to explore my new home. Yesterday was absolutely crazy, in a very good way. There were many introductions, including one of the most hilarious reactions I have ever had to my choice of ‘major’, lots of new faces (and a few not-so-new), much laughter and general fun times. Bring on today!

Oh, and have a photo of the dress I wore…

Dress: TK Maxx

Belt: TK Maxx

4 Simple Goals: Thanks ‘A Beautiful Mess’

The wonderful Elsie over at ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ has challenged everyone to make (and keep!) 4 Simple Goals before 2013. I’ve decided that moving to another country is the perfect opportunity to shake things up a bit and try some new things. If you want a bit of a challenge, why not set yourself some goals and give it a try?

From 'A Beautiful Mess'

Here are my 4 Simple Goals that I want to achieve over the next few months:

1) Write more letters; 2) Craft/DIY more; 3) Explore; 4) Wear more colour

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