Time Flies

I can’t believe how fast the days are going by here. It’s true what they say about having fun xx

Hat: Vintage

Coat: Vintage

Dress: Vintage

Leggings: DKNY

Shoes: London Rebel (customised)



College Night

Today was my first experience of a college night at Santa Cruz. I can’t say I am much the wiser as to what a college night is now, but I had a lot of fun xx

Cardigan: Oasis

Skirt: ASOS

Boots: Oxygen



Tuesday was the OPERS Fall Festival, UCSC’s version of a Freshers Fair. It was so much fun and there is a lot going on here that I’m really excited about. I also got my photo taken for SlugStyle, the on-campus street style blog. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty cool xx

Coat: Vintage

Dress: Vintage

Tights: TK Maxx

Headscarf: TK Maxx

Bag: Vintage

Shoes: Yumi (customised)

All My Own Work

I’m not even going to try and pretend that this post isn’t about me showing off a fair bit. I spent last weekend on a vintage-style dressmaking course and I am incredibly proud of my creation. Sure, it’s not perfect and I am still pretty slow with the sewing machine, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt at most of the techniques used and I can certainly see myself wearing this rather a lot xx

Dress: Handmade

Tights: House of Holland

Boots: ASOS

Belt: Vintage