The New Black

Dress: Vintage


Odd, In a Nice Way

This is how Nigel of Buzby and Blue ( my hairdresser of many, many years) described the hoped-for outcome of today’s hair experiment. I’m pretty sure it could describe me an awful lot of the time actually. Either way, I am rocking the nautical theme once again, in a playsuit nonetheless, and loving my new hairdo xx

Playsuit: Vintage

Belt: French Conenction

Shoes: London Rebel

Ahoy, Sailor!

Nautical-inspired clothing is one of the few perennial trends that I actually but into. Something about the restricted colour palette, the ease of mixing and matching and the slight element of kitsch really appeals to me. This outfit brings back some great memories as well – I wore it for the first time on my very last day at school. I like clothes with a bit of history to them, do you have any outfits that particularly remind you of something? xx

Dress: Vintage

Hat: Vintage