Road Test

I always like to give any new clothes I buy a short outing the first time I wear them and test them out a bit. This jacket passed with flying colours: light enough that I wasn’t too hot, just warm enough to keep the wind out. Does anyone else do this? xx

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Leotard: TK Maxx

Jacket: Vintage

Tights: Accessorize

Leggings: DKNY

That 80s Feeling

Today was a sparkly day, not sure why, but it was. And what era does sequins to the excess better than the 80s? This dress is the result of a splurge on 80s clothing inspired by a production of Don Giovanni that I was performing in a few weeks ago (set in the 80s, funnily) and is much easier to wear than I expected.

Dress: Vintage

Tights: Accessorize

Boots: Oxygen