Eat Your Greens!

My goodness, it has been a while since I’ve posted anything tasty! It’s not that I haven’t been eating, but being in a different country has changed my cooking habits somewhat. Either way, this is pretty tasty: pasta with artichokes, spinach and pesto.


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Coffee Cake for Coffee Lovers

I’ve been craving a really good coffee and walnut cake for a while, but all the recipes I see don’t seem to taste very much like coffee and come with that horrible, over-sweet butter-cream icing. Not my idea of tasty. So, armed with a large pot of coffee, I went to work on my own version, which went down equally well at teatime as for dessert. I used the Leiths recipe to make the actual cake, so use whichever recipe you would usually.

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A Seasonal Pasta Sauce

If you grow asparagus, you are probably at the same point as we are at home where it is trying desperately to escape the vegetable patch. I looked in the fridge the other night and there was some fresh pasta and not much else, but I knew we were desperate to get rid of some asparagus. So, this is how I fed three hungry people on a Friday night: we could have done a lot worse xx

P.S. the idea for this was stolen from Smitten Kitchen ( and I reckon my portions would serve 3 very hungry people or 4 people who are not my relatives!

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Homemade BBQ Sauce

I have no idea why, but I was really craving BBQ sauce today. Although I am tempted to blame my housemates, one of whom made BBQ fajitas a few nights ago and another who keeps buying BBQ sauce and flaunting it! So, in order to prevent some seriously out of order condiment theft, I whipped this up. Use it for dunking, or try marinating some meat in it before cooking, either on the barbecue or in the oven xx

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Indian Potato Wedges

You know when you have a glut of something? Well, for me recently it has been potatoes. I keep forgetting I have them and start making something before I realise I should really use them up and try to figure out how I can fit them in to whatever I have started on. Usually it doesn’t work at all and I give up and tell myself I will use them tomorrow, but the other day I got lucky. I’d already defrosted a curry I’d made a while back and I thought about those horrible, fluorescent yellow potatoes, dripping in oil that sometimes accompany curry in school dining rooms. Then I thought about lime pickle and how I never have anything to eat with it. A short leap of the imagination took me to Indian-spiced potato wedges with lime pickle and curry for supper and I am so glad it did. Delicious.

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