Same Old Same Old

Just another standard Tuesday, but my housemate told me she liked my outfit, so you all get to see it too. I also apparently look tanned – thanks California!

DSC06891Dress: Topshop

Tights: TK Maxx

Boots: Oxygen



Back To School

It’s that time of year again – for possibly, but hopefully not, the last time for me. Being back in Leeds is pretty odd, but very much in a good way. Plus I got to buy new stationary – what’s not to love? Here I am, along with my preliminary reading for my project this year. (Ok, it’s basically a dissertation, but shhhh don’t scare the mathematicians!)
PS My hair is actually red, although it came out orange for some reason in this photo! Also, if you have beady eyes and noticed the plaster on my arm – I’m fine, I just gave blood today.

DSC06610Dress: Vintage

Belt: TK Maxx

Shoes: TK Maxx