Busy Bee

This month has been insanely busy: midterms, a LOT of dancing (I tried Argentine tango for the first time), a lot of food (well, it was Thanksgiving), my dad came to visit and above all a lot of fun! There are many days missing because I was just too busy to take photos – but here are some of the things I’ve been wearing recently xx

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Hats Off!

Here, as promised, is a very special post from me to mark the end of my Easter break and my return to daily outfit photos. So, as a present to all those (and they are numerous) who have ever asked me “So, how many hats do you have?” I can finally give an answer, but you’ll have to count them yourself! xx

Hats: Vintage, modern, mass-produced and handmade!

Ahoy, Sailor!

Nautical-inspired clothing is one of the few perennial trends that I actually but into. Something about the restricted colour palette, the ease of mixing and matching and the slight element of kitsch really appeals to me. This outfit brings back some great memories as well – I wore it for the first time on my very last day at school. I like clothes with a bit of history to them, do you have any outfits that particularly remind you of something? xx

Dress: Vintage

Hat: Vintage

The Veiled Lady

When I first started collecting vintage hats, my Granny told me that hats with veils were incredibly elegant and that I should look out for them on my travels. Of course she was entirely correct and a few years later I am a complete convert to the veil with a modest collection building up. This is one of my more recent additions xx

Veil: Vintage

Dress: Vintage

Boots: Oxygen