Star Spangled…Tights

No, I haven’t gone native, but I do like these tights! Thank goodness for mothers – these arrived yesterday along with a massive Easter egg and a few other goodies from England. This is one happy bunny xx


Top: French Connection

Bloomers: Vintage

Tights: House of Holland

Shoes: London Rebel

On the Mend

I’ve been feeling a tad poorly for the last week, so no photos from my first few days back in Santa Cruz, but I’m recovering and hence I’m also back to doing all the things I want to be doing. Including lots of dancing – I’ve definitely missed the blues scene over the last month and I’m so happy to be seeing everyone again xx

DSC05933Leotard: Miss Selfridge

Skirt: borrowed (with no intention of return)

Bloomers: Vintage

Belt: Antoni & Alison

Ring: Butler & Wilson

Tights: TK Maxx

Socks: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Yoma


Busy Bee

This month has been insanely busy: midterms, a LOT of dancing (I tried Argentine tango for the first time), a lot of food (well, it was Thanksgiving), my dad came to visit and above all a lot of fun! There are many days missing because I was just too busy to take photos – but here are some of the things I’ve been wearing recently xx

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Across The Pond

Today was the big move, or the start of it at least. I won’t arrive in Santa Cruz until tomorrow, but the bulk of my journey is now done! I am lucky enough to be joined on my journey by Palge, so he may pop up here from time to time.

T shirt: French Connection

Bloomers: Vintage

Boots: Oxygen

and Palge…