Light Night

After thoroughly embarrassing myself at bowling tonight, some friends and I headed down to Light Night. My favourite part had to be the amazing projection of clockwork that was going on behind me in this picture.

DSC06842Leotard: Topshop

Petticoat: Vintage

Tights: TK Maxx

Shoes: Bertie


Busy Bee

This month has been insanely busy: midterms, a LOT of dancing (I tried Argentine tango for the first time), a lot of food (well, it was Thanksgiving), my dad came to visit and above all a lot of fun! There are many days missing because I was just too busy to take photos – but here are some of the things I’ve been wearing recently xx

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Ruby Tuesday

Oh, I do so love Tuesdays (it’s one the nights I go dancing, for those of you who do not keep a copy of my weekly schedule handy)! I had a wonderful time, as per usual and was thrilled to see so many people I knew there for the first time xx

Dress: Handmade

Hairnet: Vintage

Belt: TK Maxx

Shoes: London Rebel (customised)



Tuesday was the OPERS Fall Festival, UCSC’s version of a Freshers Fair. It was so much fun and there is a lot going on here that I’m really excited about. I also got my photo taken for SlugStyle, the on-campus street style blog. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty cool xx

Coat: Vintage

Dress: Vintage

Tights: TK Maxx

Headscarf: TK Maxx

Bag: Vintage

Shoes: Yumi (customised)


Here I am, colour-blocking like a champ! I gave myself a little break from revision to pop to a vintage fair that was going on in Leeds this weekend. I came back with a really cute little velvet jacket that goes perfectly with this hat – I’m calling it fate xx

Coat: Vintage

Dress: Vintage

Hat: Vintage

Tights: Accessorize

Boots: Oxygen

The Mikado: Last Night

This is definitely a bitter-sweet moment: I’ve enjoyed this show so much and I’m really sad this is the last night I get to perform it, especially as I will be sans-OperaSoc next year. However, I’ve had so much fun and next year will be such an adventure! Three outfits today: 1 for lunch with my boyfriend and parents, 1 for the show and 1 for the after-show party xx

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